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About Us

Corcoat Industrial Plastic Industry and Trade Ltd. Sti. ; It was established in İzmir-Aliağa in 2017 with its experienced staff, who has worked as a manager and foreman in engineering activities in the Petrochemistry and Chemical sectors since the 1980s. It continues its production in Aliağa Organized Industrial Zone (ALOSBİ) on a total 5000 m 2 factory area with 2000 m 2 closed area. Technical works in the field of activity; ASTM, DIN, ISO, etc. It has the knowledge and discipline to technically fulfill the specifications prepared in accordance with all kinds of standards with its team of experts and technicians who are well-versed in the standards. Its sole capital is; Thanks to "technique and reliability", the giant companies of the Turkish Industry in a short time; It has been a contractor in facilities such as Socar Petkim A.Ş, EnerjiSA, Solufert and has proven its success. CorCoat, which started European export manufacturing shipments as of 2022, continues to grow every year.


Great Experience in Manufacturing, Assembly and Industrial Coating Applications

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  • Manufacturing and Services

    We provide many services including piping, assembly, coating chemical cleaning.

  • Industrial Projects

    Food, Iron-Steel, Chemical and Petrochemical Factories etc. We play an active role in many projects.

  • Transportation Projects

    We give direction to transportation with our works in railway and highway projects.

  • Energy Projects

    We succeeded in making our name known in many works such as Hydroelectric Power Plants, Thermal Power Plants, Natural Gas Cycle Power Plants.

  • Environmental Projects

    We ensure the smooth operation of environmental projects such as Waste Water Treatment Plants, Drinking Water Lines.


Projects Made